For test purposes in the engineering sector and benchmarking

Vehicles that are available on the European market can be delivered from FBS. Specific adjustments (model, motor, colour and equipment) is the beginning of every provision to our customer. Looking upon mileage and length of lease, the individual rental charge inclusive the cost of transportation is calculated.
Tests in the market research sector

For statistic market research studies we produce a list of the competing vehicles together with our customer. For these studies only new vehicles are delivered. In this sector FBS will also deliver vehicles for driving "studies". Also here a order related rental charge including transportation costs will be calculated.
For test purposes in the tyre sector

For tyre tests we will, according to the demand, deliver the needed vehicles. As for tyre tests often more cars are needed at the same time, you can of course rent more identical vehicles. Should the tyre test not be completed after the reached rental time an extension is always given. The rental charge including transportation costs is also here individually calculated
For test purposes in the training sector

FBS will deliver competing vehicles for training drives and other training programmes. At that point a close cooperation with the project instructors of the training courses is necessary. The beginning of an event is often dependent on new products or upgrading of vehicles.
Other services

Questions of all kind will be answered promptly and all information needed regarding the vehicles will be given. If required we will produce our customers with sales brochures from the individual car producers. If necessary we will have lists containing equipment and list prices made.
Availability of our own vehicles

According to demand we can also offer vehicles from our own small car pool. For our customers it often means considerable cost savings.

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